We are excited to invite you to new Antech Singapore reference Diagnostic Laboratory Grand Opening on 16 July, from 2 to 5pm. Our new full reference diagnostic laboratory is located at 6 Jalan Gelenggang, Singapore 578189.

Laboratory tours will be organised after official introduction, so you can discover our new state-of-the-art facilities, appreciate the cutting-edge technology used and meet our dedicated teams.

Food and Drinks will be served so we can celebrate together this fantastic news for the Singapore veterinary community, who now also has full access to the most accurate diagnostics, within the fastest turnaround times, thanks to our new local full services!

Please watch below for a Virtual Tour of new Antech Singapore laboratory:


New Antech Asian Centres of excellence in Microbiology

Antech has been building new Centres of Excellence in Veterinary Microbiology in both Hong Kong and Singapore laboratories.
Take a deep dive into our upgraded Microbiology service offer and nurture Antimicrobial stewardship! Together, we can positively impact the health of our pets and the environment!

All our Canine & Feline cultures will now be provided with MIC as standard part of our reports; this, at no extra charge!

*Note that this does not apply for ocular submission; or Exotics submission where disc diffusion methods will still be applied. By utilizing susceptibility test data in veterinary settings, we can take
responsible action toward the use of antibiotics. Understanding this data is crucial for effective antimicrobial stewardship, and as veterinarians, we are responsible for prescribing the right antibiotics at the right times.

Antech offers a cutting-edge culture and sensitivity testing platform that equips veterinarians with vital information to accurately obtain and analyze antimicrobial susceptibility test results. Better Diagnostics, Better Medicine!

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