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AVD Webinar Series 2023

Veterinary Nurse Programs


Every third Wednesday of each month, 7 pm HKT/SGT join the team for Continuing Education.

Speaker: Dr. Kostas Papasouliotis DVM PhD DipECVCP MRCVS

EBVS® European Specialist in Veterinary Clinical Pathology


21 January: Haematology - Leukaemia: What do I Need to Know?

18 February: Haematology - Haemoparasitic Infections: Laboratory Diagnostics

18 March: Haematology - Clotting Tests: Which Tubes do We Need and Why?

15 April: Haematology - Discussion of Clinical Cases (Numbers and Blood Smear Examination Findings)

20 May: Endocrinology - Hypo-and Hyperthyroidism: Laboratory Diagnostics

17 June: Endocrinology - Hypo-and Hyperadrenocorticism: Laboratory Diagnostics

15 July: Endocrinology - Diabetes mellitus: Laboratory Diagnostics

19 August: Biochemistry - Gastrointestinal Diseases: Laboratory Diagnostics

26 September: Cytology- Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) Analysis: Which Sample Tubes do We Need and Why?

21 October: Cytology - Synovial Fluid Analysis: Which Sample Tubes do We Need and Why?

18 November: Cytology - Are These Cells Malignant?

16 December: Cytology- Discussion of Clinical Cases (Skin Lumps & Bumps, Urine, Body Cavity Effusions)

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