Dr. Véronique Bachy

Dr. Véronique Bachy

Dr. Véronique Bachy


Dr. Véronique Bachy, DVM, PhD

Dr. Bachy graduated from the Lyon Veterinary School (France) in 1998. She then specialised through an internship in Equine Medicine and Surgery at the Lyon Veterinary School. Because she was passionate about both science and veterinary practice, she decided to deepen her scientific knowledge through laboratory research. She got a Master of Science in Reproductive Physiology from Paris VI University and the National Institute for Agronomic Research (INRA), and then got a PhD in Immunology at Imperial College, London, UK, in 2006, working on the fascinating interactions between the immune system and placental cells during pregnancy.

Her passion for immunology and especially, for challenging immunisation projects, led her to work as a postdoctoral scientist at King’s College London, at the French Institute for Medical Research (INSERM) in Paris and at the Veterinary Laboratory Agency in the UK. During this time, she acquired broad knowledge in microbiology and developed many technical laboratory skills. Her work was published in more than 25 peer-reviewed articles and in the French Medical and Surgical Encyclopedia.

Dr. Bachy was a recipient of an INRA award during her MSc and she was selected by the British Society for Immunology and the Royal Society of Medicine among the 10 best young UK immunologists in 2003. Dr. Bachy won the Fairbairn Award for best young UK scientist of the year in Gene and Cell Therapy in 2008, for her work developing new techniques for Adenovirus-based immunisations.

In 2011, Dr. Bachy wished to combine her passion for laboratory work and her love for internal medicine and microbiology by offering services to her fellow veterinarian colleagues, in a diagnostic laboratory. She headed the Rhône Departmental Veterinary Laboratory (public laboratory), where she helped interpreting and analysing tests both for small companion animals and horses at the National Veterinary School of Lyon and for cattle herds of the Rhône region.

In October 2013, Dr. Bachy became the head of the Biology department of the private diagnostic laboratory Orbio (19 members of staff) in Bron, south of Lyon. She still works at Orbio and enjoys helping French veterinary practioners analyse many different samples and interpret serological, molecular biology and bacteriological test results. She is a member of Resapath (French veterinary antimicrobial resistance surveillance network) and of the French Society of Equine Veterinarians (AVEF). She is very happy to join the Asia Veterinary Diagnostic team as a consultant.

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