Dr. Lisa Restine

Dr. Lisa Restine

Dr. Lisa Restine

Feline Medicine

Dr. Lisa Restine, DVM

Dr. Restine is a 2014 graduate of Western University of Health Sciences: College of Veterinary Medicine. She has been practicing at Alamo Feline Health Center under the direction of Gary D. Norsworthy since graduation. This practice features a wide variety of both medical and surgical cases on both a general practice and referral level. Lisa achieved board certification with the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners in feline medicine in 2020.

Dr. Restine lectured on feline diseases in multiple locations throughout China on an Abaxis-sponsored speaking tour in 2018. She is co-editor of The Feline Patient, 5th ed., which was published in April 2018. She is the first author of Loose-control of diabetes mellitus with protamine zinc insulin in cats: 185 cases (2005-2015) (2019; Canadian Vet J). This article showed that there is an alternative way to manage feline diabetes mellitus that is more beneficial to the cat as well as the practitioner when compared to traditional diabetic control. Other publications include Prevalence and underlying causes of histologic abnormalities in cats suspected to have chronic small bowel disease: 300 cases (2008–2013) (2015; JAVMA).

Dr. Restine enjoys a broad spectrum of expertise in feline medicine and surgery. She has a special interest in and training in feline dentistry. She is passionate about feline medicine and sharing her love of practice and knowledge in order to help improve feline care. Because she spends 100% of her time in private clinical practice, she is able to discuss approaches that are doable in both primary care and referral scenarios.

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